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Passion Projects

Photo Series

Young, Gifted, and Black

Uneducated, lazy, insignificant, and dangerous are just a few of a long list of racial stereotypes projected onto young black people. For this series, I offer another narrative. My photographs represent academic excellence and the evidence of a journey completed. My narrative displays accomplished young black people in caps and gowns contrary to how they are depicted in the media. 

You Over Infinity (You/∞)

The “You Over Infinity” photo journal series, shows the joy of Black entrepreneurship. This monthly series extends beyond Black history month by capturing the stories and work of Black entrepreneurs. “I know there are many successful black businesses in our communities, however, there is still a huge lack of appreciation for their presence and contributions to the community.”

Hidden Textures

Hidden texture comes from my interest in finding the beauty out of simple and ordinary textures. My series was inspired by the amazing photographer and painter, Man Ray whose work contributed to the Surrealist movement. I decided to revisit some of my older portraits and overlapped them with textures that came from rust, chipped paint, stone walls, marble and foam. I wanted each photograph to make the viewer experience a different emotion.

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